COVID19 Face Shield (FX720) - ARTG Listed

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The FX720 provides comfortable, wraparound protection for the wearers face from fluids and particles.  Thousands of FX720 face shields have been supplied to hospitals, GP's, dentists, aged care and allied health services around Australia.  It is equally suited to other services where adequate social distancing may be not be possible such as retail and and personal services.  At just 38g this lightweight face shield can be worn comfortably by anyone with little disruption to your normal duties.
The frame features a compliant double wall, stepping the visor away from the wearers face so that the wearer can also use glasses, goggles and respirator if needed. The clear visor is secured to the frame by aligning the pegs and and locking in place with retention features on each side.
Single and bundle packs of FX720 face shields are available consisting of the plastic frame and PVC visor in any quantity.  For volumes greater than 100 contact us directly at
Frame - Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Visor - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Weight: 38g
To clean: Use 10% Bleach solution, wait 15 minutes and then use a 70% Ethanol solution to wipe clean.  Not suitable for cleaning with heat or autoclave.
The shield can easily be trimmed to suit the users specific needs with scissors. Frame Colours may vary.
An elastic strap can optionally be added to the rear of the face shield to provide additional support when needed.
The FX720 is provided with the Visor and Frame separated for shipping and cleaning.  Reassembly is straight forward, you can watch the assembly video here.