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ME2 Starter Pack

ME2 Starter Pack

ME2 Starter Pack



Compatible with our full range of materials, software and learning guides, this pack contains everything you need…

  • Me2 3D Printer
  • BuildTak sheet
  • 19V Power Supply (110-240V)
  • 750g PolyPlus material
  • Basic toolkit

Meet Me2

ME2 Starter Pack
  • Fast

    Me2 has a super quick turnaround between jobs, meaning more of your students can print their projects

  • Quiet

    Shhh, Me2 was designed to be taught along side of in a classroom, so we've made it super quiet.

  • Low Power

    With an ambient temperature build plate, an insulated hotend, the Me2 consumes just 1/10 the power of it's competitors.

  • Open

    Teach more than just 3D printing with the Me2. It's open so that you can demonstrate the mechanics, electronics and insustry standard CAD/CAM workflow.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions

    Me2 weighs just 3.2kg

    The build volume is 200 x 220 x 180mm

  • Print Resolution

    The Me2 has standard profiles ranging from 0.05mm to 0.3mm layer height.

    Single surfaces can be as small as 0.4mm wide.

  • Materials

    Our supported materials are low-odor, non-toxic 1.75mm thermoplastics including rigid, flexible and smoothable materials.

    The full range of supported materials are available in the shop.

  • Connection

    Software is provided for modern Windows and MAC operating systems to stream jobs to the printer.  For networked printing we can can provide a print server enabling any authorized user to access the printer on your network.