Me3D Max

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Me3D Max 1kg, 1.75mm diameter

Me3D Max was created for everyday use in classrooms and schools. It's 5x as strong as typical PLA materials, prints with an incredible surface finish with no odor.  It does not require a heated bed so it's safer and faster to print with than many other plastics.

The resealable bag and opaque cardboard box make sure the material has a long shelf life when stored correctly, the wide rage of colours means there is something perfect for your next project.

Buildflow material preset: Me3D Max

If you are using a different printer or control you can set your extrusion temperature to 195-220ºC depending on your printer.

All stocked materials are 1.75mm diameter, if you require 2.8- 3mm filament (eg for Ultimaker or Lulzbot etc) contact us directly before ordering.